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Frozen Fish FingersFrozen Fish Fingers

The gang go on a school ski-ing trip to the snowy mountains of Transyldovia. They encounter evil Dr Grubski and his henchmen Frogurt (green like a frog and dribbly like yogurt) and Bigfoot McShoe who has one very big foot and one very big shoe.

Chapter One - Blast from the Past

Frozen Fish FingersCrouching inside a tunnel in the depths of Castle Gristle, Dr Ernest Grubski was sawing through an ancient pipe. Grubski was Tranysldovia’s maddest scientist. His eyes were goggly, his teeth were missing and his hair grew like the roots of a spring onion. He was never going to win Transyldovia’s Mr Drop Dead Gorgeous competition, but he was clever. Dangerously clever. He was the kind of scientist who could put lightning in a jam-jar, or make a bomb out of cheese or think of 57 ways to kill a slug (all of them squishy and revolting).

Grubski didn’t like being in the tunnels - he much preferred his lab - but he was determined to answer a question that had been troubling him for months: Why did his en-suite bathroom keep flooding? Grubski had followed the pipework to this particular spot and figured it must be the source of the blockage. He gave the saw an extraheave-ho and the pipe split apart, spilling filthy water over his shoes.
‘Yuuuggghh,’ groaned the scientist but then something else dropped out of the pipework. Grubski caught it and held it up to the light. It was the skull of a cat. Inside was the skull of a bat. Inside that was the skull of a rat and inside that was a tiny book, wrapped in wax paper, inscribed with the nameVladi the Baddie. It was a good job Grubski could do basic plumbing or he’d never have found it.

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